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Schedules for oral presentations / poster session


To check your oral presentation schedule, please click here  (updated on 08/09)

To check your poster session, please click here  (updated on 08/09)


Guidelines for oral presentations: 

  • 30 minutes for each presentation

  • Include PowerPoint slides in the presentation

  • The language used for oral presentations is English


Guidelines for poster sessions:




Include a title, authors, introduction, results, and conclusions 

Place the abstract title and all authors at the top of the poster 

Include attractive charts, tables and graphics 

Arrange content in horizontal strips




Keep the text to a minimum; report only the major points for each section 

Bullet your major points 

Only show data that adds to your central message 

Keep illustrations and tables relatively simple 

keep captions brief and clear

 The language used for poster sessions is English





Use Times New Roman as font 

Title lettering no less than 48 points, text lettering no less than 28 

• Indicative dimension: width no longer than 100 cm, length no longer than 150 cm







  • 包含論文標題、作者、緒論(或目的和方法)、結果和結論


  • 將論文標題和作者放在海報最上方 
  • 包含引人注意的圖表或圖示 
  • 以橫式方向撰寫海報內容






  • 內文盡量言簡意賅 
  • 將要點以條列式列出 
  • 僅需呈現與主旨相關之數據 
  • 圖表、圖示及標題需簡單清楚
  • 請以英文撰寫






  • 使用Times New Roman為字型 
  • 論文標題字體大於48 points,內文字體大於28 points 
  • 海報大小:寬100公分以內,長150公分以內






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