Call for papers


Submission Guidelines


  1. You are required to create an account before submitting an abstract. 
  2. After the account is created, an account activation letter will be sent via email for authentication purpose. Please click the link within 72 hours. 
  3. Before you submit your abstract, be sure to sign in.
  4. All abstracts should be submitted in English and need to be done within the word limit of 300-500 words.
  5. Every abstract should include four parts, Purpose, Method, Result, and Conclusion. 
  6. Those who would like to participate in the Young Researcher Award and whose abstracts are accepted have to submit a full paper. Please download the template of a full paper here ( the template will be linked as soon as FISU provides the file). The paper must be created in the format of Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx).
  7. The review committee will review all submitted abstracts. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be emailed only to the corresponding author. 
  8. Check the poster guidelines here. 




  1. 投稿摘要前須建立帳號
  2. 建立帳號後,系統會以郵件方式寄帳號開通信至使用者的信箱,請於72小時內點選連結。
  3. 請先登入帳號後再進行線上投稿。
  4. 請以英文投稿,摘要之字數限制為300-500字。
  5. 摘要須包含四大部分:目的、方法、結果與結論。
  6. 欲參加青年研究者獎之投稿者通過摘要審核後,須繳交全文,請於此下載全文格式 (論文格式尚待FISU提供),論文須以Microsoft Word建立。
  7. 審稿委員會將審查所有稿件,最終結果將以電子郵件通知通訊作者。
  8. 請於此查閱海報規範



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