About Taipei City
City Symbols


City bird -Formosan blue magpie 

The Formosan blue magpie is an attractive bird that has a scratchy voice. Endemic to Taiwan, the bird has been elected as city bird by Taipei citizens. The bird lives in broadleaf or secondary forests at elevations between 300 and 1,200 meters. The bird travels in flocks with its long, blue and white tail trailing gracefully behind.

The Formosan blue magpie


City flower -Azalea

The azalea is a vigorous plant that thrives in sun or shade and tolerates both dry and wet conditions. It resists pollution and is therefore particularly suitable for urban areas. The fuzzy hair on the leaves not only regulates water flow but also catches dust.


City tree -Banyan

The bayan tree (Ficus microcarpa) is an evergreen tree with a dense crown that is seen throughout Taipei. It provides shade and absorbs noise. It takes well to frequent pruning and can be easily clipped into all kinds of shapes. 


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